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Beverly Watson, owner of The Ragg Carriers, is the sole proprietor of a crafts business that she runs out of her home in East Tennessee. Beverly began her business 20+ years ago with her mother, Mary Lynn Carrier.  As a team they cut, hand stitched, stuffed and decorated snowmen in just about any theme, hobby or occupation you could imagine.  Mary Lynn Carrier passed away in 2008, but her generous heart, warm smile, and loving spirit live on through Beverly and their creations.

Often when asked how she got started, she will tell the story of having a heart-to-heart conversation with her mother, Mary Lynn Carrier, about needing something that helped bring in income, but filled her soul with joy. Her mother, who was always practical and knew Beverly's God-granted gift for creativity, handed her a Raggedy Ann doll and told her to employ that as a pattern to use her hands to craft a piece of love for someone else.  This eventually led to her one of a kind, hugely successful Snowman business that is now  The Ragg Carriers.  

The Ragg Carriers produces more than 200 various snowmen, each of them handcrafted, in all sorts of styles - from 6 inch decorated, original ornaments; to boundless themes of snowmen - about 14 inches tall; to large, lighted, one of a kind, Fall, Winter, and Christmas displays of Beverly's boundless imagination.

These snowmen will brighten any home with their uniqueness and creativity.
Starting in June, Beverly, and crew: Bill, her husband, and Herman Carrier,  her Daddy, (who she said is a huge help to her business), load mounds of snowmen into their trailer and head out all over the southeast and northeast selling snowmen at craft shows.
The Ragg Carriers works almost all year, preparing for the busy Fall and Christmas season.
The motto at The Ragg Carriers is:   "Each snowman is stitched with care and stuffed with love!"

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